Welcome to Hurtig Lane, a brand dedicated to providing unique and fashionable vegan, cruelty-free watches and accessories. Our love for animals and commitment to ethical practices fuel our passion to create stunning, 100% vegan-friendly products for the modern consumer.

Although the fashion industry often focuses on the cruelty of fur production, the equally inhumane leather industry is frequently overlooked. Over one billion animals are slaughtered each year for their skin. Many products made from thinner leather, such as watch straps and small accessories, are sourced from countries lacking proper animal welfare laws. This makes it difficult to verify the origin of the material, potentially leading to the exploitation of millions of cats and dogs killed annually for their skin.

The common assumption that all leather is a byproduct of the meat industry is largely incorrect. Even if it were true, our ethical stance would still lead us to reject such materials. 

At Hurtig Lane, we ensure that all our watches and accessories are 100% vegan-friendly—it means using stainless steel, nylon, or synthetic vegan leather exclusively in our manufacturing process. By shopping with Hurtig Lane, you can confidently know that your purchase is entirely cruelty-free and that no animals have been harmed in the sourcing, creation, or production of our products. We extend this commitment to all aspects of our brand, including our Instagram and Pinterest lookbooks, where every item featured – jackets, bags, covers, cases, and even cosmetics – is guaranteed to be free of animal testing and made from synthetic materials.

We are immensely grateful for your support in shopping cruelty-free and embracing ethical fashion. At Hurtig Lane, we strive to make a positive impact by supporting various projects and initiatives that align with our values. To learn more about our commitment and the difference we're making, please explore our projects page on our website. Stand with us in creating a compassionate, cruelty-free world, one stylish accessory at a time.


Our Ethical Statement reflects our unwavering commitment to creating genuinely cruelty-free products while ensuring that the entire process – from design to materials and production – adheres to the highest ethical standards.

Our products are crafted by a diligent production team that values fair worker compensation, reasonable working hours, and women's rights in the workplace. We strive to enhance the well-being of our staff by offering exceptional maternity leave and promotion opportunities.

At Hurtig Lane, we are deeply devoted to promoting fair trade and upholding human rights for everyone. Our passion for equality and fair wage advocacy ensures that no child labor is involved in the production of our products or materials.

Although we collaborate with some third-party suppliers for certain product components, we conduct regular audits to guarantee that cruelty and unfair treatment are absent from any part of our supply chain.

Moreover, we are dedicated to partnering with like-minded companies that share our values and ethical principles. Consequently, our products are exclusively offered on platforms that prioritise fair living wages, sustainability, and ethical shopping. As a result, Hurtig Lane's products will never be available on platforms such as Amazon, staying true to our core values and mission.